Hi! My name is Dan. I'm a Christian. I'm also training to become a pastor. This website is a place to archive and organize my notes from sermons I've heard, my own sermons, Christian books, and Bible study. I'm using The Swedish Method of Bible studies. What is that? Read on. It's awesome by the way. This website will give me a good way to archive and organize my notes by books of the Bible as I make more and more of them. In time I hope to post answers to the questions I have as I read the Bible. I also hope to revisit old notes when I study a book I've already gone through again to compare notes and see if there are ways I've grown in my understanding.

I learned The Swedish Method from a great book called "One-to-One Bible Reading" by David Helm. It was recommended to me by a pastor at my church. It's an amazing little book. I've been reading through the entire bible for years but I've always wanted to slow down and study each book. The Swedish Method gave me a great simple yet powerful way to do that. I recommend you read that book, but if you're looking for a simple explanation check out the graphic below. For a more in-depth explanation of "The Swedish Method," check out this fine article from www.GoTherefor.com.
Pretty simple right? So powerful though! It helps you to slow down and really dig into the word of God. It also makes me want to keep going and take notes on the next chapter. I snagged that image from this great article on The Swedish Method by Tim Challies.