A Gospel Primer for Christians by Milton Vincent | Book Notes

| Introduction
- Experience the gospel more fully by preaching it to themselves daily
- Correct the view that the gospel has served its purpose once you’ve believed in Jesus for salvation
- Read The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges
- Prose & Poetry for smooth recital and memorization, speak them aloud
- preaching the gospel to yourself provides the Spirit to minister to you in a concentrated fashion

| Part 1

1. The New Testament Model
- the gospel is the whole building the classes take place in
- Paul was eager to preach the gospel to believers as well as non believers
- sizable portions of his epistles start with rehearsing gospel truths
- rep reaching the gospel then showing how it applies to life was Paul’s choice method for ministering to believers

2. The Power of God
- it’s a daily battle to believe the full scope of the gospel as I should

3. The Power of God
- The power of God in its highest density is found in the gospel
- it’s the ultimate entity in which God’s power resides and does its greatest work
- embrace it by faith and give it a central place in my thoughts each day

4. My Daily Protection
- take up and put on the whole armor of God which are synonyms for the gospel
- put on each piece with prayer
- that God tells me to take up and put on the gospel armor alerts me that I don’t automatically come into each day protected by the gospel
- it implies I’m vulnerable to defeat and injury unless I seize upon the gospel and arm myself with it from head to toe

5. Transformed by Glory
- I must behold God’s glory daily to become all God wants me to be
- God’s glory in its thickest density swells in the gospel
- as I habitually gaze on God’s glory revealed in the gospel deposits of God’s glory are attaching themselves to my person and transforming me from one level of glory to another

6. A Cure for Distrust
- every time I disobey a command of God it’s because in that moment I doubt God‘s true intentions in giving me that command
- when I start my thoughts with the gospel I realize that God love me enough to sacrifice his son’s life for me so he must be guided with that same love when he speaks commandments to me
- The gospel cures me of my suspicion of God

7. Sufficiency in the Gospel
- The gospel contains all that I need for life and godliness
- God intends to supply all of my needs as long as I am abiding in the gospel

8. Freedom from Sin’s Power
- The Devil knows that if he can keep me tormented by sin’s guilt he can dominate me with sin’s Power
- The gospel slays sin
- preaching forgiveness to myself is a practical way of putting the gospel into operation as a nullifier of sin’s power in my life

9. Resting in the Christ’s Righteousness
- The gospel encourages me to rest in my righteous standing with God
- The gospel also reminds me that my righteous standing with God always holds firm regardless of my performance because it’s based solely on the work of Jesus and not mine

10. Enslaved by Christ’s Righteousness
- The righteousness that God credited to me became my master on the day I was converted
- be holy and what results from my obedience to its rule is sanctification, or holiness of life
- sanctification is merely the lifelong process where and I joyfully surrender myself to gods imputed righteousness and then do whatever this righteousness directs me to do

! - The more I exult in the reality of my justification in Christ, the more I position myself to experience the full governing force of its sanctifying power in my life and the more sanctified I become, the more I experience the full breadth of eternal life that God has given to me in Christ

11. Loving My Brothers and Sisters
- The more experience the gospel, the more there develops within me a yearning affection for my fellow Christians who are also participating in the glories of the gospel
- also the gospel being such a boon in my life I realize it’s the greatest gift I can give my fellow Christians

12. My Inheritance in the Saints
- The gospel is not just a message of reconciliation with God but it also herald the reconciliation of all believers to one another in Christ
- through the death of Christ, God has brought peace where there was once hostility
- He made us members of his household
- He gave us a gift to one another
- it is in relationship with one another that we experience the fullness of God in Christ

13. Stimulated to Love Others
- I am always willing to show love to others when I am freshly mindful of the love that God has shown me
- The gospel gives me the wherewithal to give forgiving grace to those who have wronged me, for it reminds me daily of the forgiving grace that God is showing me

14. A Heart for the Lost
- The more I rehearse and exult in gospel truths, the more there develops in me a corresponding burden for non-Christians to enter into such blessings
- over time, my joy in the gospel will become increasingly tinged with grief, and this grief stained joy will lend a God inspired passion to my ministry of evangelizing the lost

15. Cultivating Humility
- God designed the gospel to strip me of pride and leave me without grounds for boasting which is a wonderful mercy for pride is the root of all sin
- deliverance from sin = deliverance from the pride that produces it
- preaching the gospel to myself daily is a powerful assault against pride and establishes humility in its place
- pride wilts in the atmosphere is the gospel
- humility grows lushly in the atmosphere of the gospel

16. Obedience Borne of Love
- the Bible teaches genuine love in my heart for God comes from an awareness of His love for me, which is revealed most clearly in the gospel
- captured by His love in thus way, my smitten heart increasingly burns to do His will and feasts itself on doing so

17. Liberation from Self-Love
- one of the leading causes of my. Atrial tendency to self-love is fear
- I fear that if I don’t love myself there’s no one left to love me as well as I do
- the gospel assured me the love of God is infinitely superior to my love for myself
- how live for me renders self-absorption moot and frees me to move on to causes and interests far greater than myself
- the gospel reveals to me the breathtaking glory and loveliness of God and so lures my heart away from love of self and leaves me enthralled by him instead
- the more I behind God’s glory in the gospel, the more lively He appears to me and the more self fades into the background like a forme love interest who can’t compete for my affections anymore

18. Perspective in Trials
- the gospel enables me to embrace my tribulations and thereby position myself to gain full benefit from them
- every hardship in my life is allowed by God only because it serves His gospel purpose in me
- the good news about my trails is that God is forcing them to bow to His gospel purposes to do good unto me by improving my character and making me more confirmed to the image of Christ

19. Exposed by the Cross, Part I
- the deeper I go into the gospel, the more I comprehend and co fess aloud the depth of my sinfulness
- when I consider the necessity and manner of His death, along with the love and selflessness begins it, I am laid bare and utterly exposed for the sinner I am
- this awareness doesn’t drag me down but lifts me up by magnifying my appreciation of God’s forgiving grace in my life
- and the more I love Him and delight to show Him live through heart-felt expressions of worship

20. Exposed by the Cross, Part II
- if I wanted others to think highly of me I would hide the fact that a shameful slaughter of the perfect Son of God was required that I might be saved
- the more exposed I see I am by the Cross, the more I find myself opening up to others about ongoing issues of sin in my life
- the more open I am in confessing to fellow Christians the more I enjoy the healing of the Lord in response to their grace-filled counsel and prayers

21. Chosen for Prayer
- prayer is not simply something I am allowed to do as a Christian; prayer is actually one of the great purposes for which God chose to save me.
- God is radically committed to my life of prayer. He shared the blood of His son so that I might be cleansed and rendered fit to stand before him in love.
- The gospel itself serves as the sweetest of invitations to pray; and preaching it to myself each day nurtures within me a mighty impulse to come “before [God] in love“ and do the praying that I was elected to do

22. Saves for Good Works
- Christ redeemed me, He did so in order that I might now be “zealous for good works.“
- when God “works“ in me day by day, He does so in order to produce send me the desire and the power to “work for his good pleasure.“
- “My food is to do the will of M who sent me and to accomplish His work.”
- gospel-motivated works do for the soul what food does for the body. They bring refreshments, enjoyment, blessing, and strengthening to the doer of the deeds, even more so than the receiver

23. A Heart for the Poor
- like nothing else could ever do, the gospel instills in me a heart for the downcast, the poverty-stricken, and those in need of physical mercies, especially when such persons are of the household of faith
- when I see persons who are materially poor, I instantly feel a kinship with them, for they are physically what I was spiritually when my heart was closed to Christ
- The gospel reminds me daily of the spiritual poverty into which I was born and also of the staggering generosity of Christ toward me

24. All Things Crucified, Part I
- The gospel is not just the story of Christ crucified but also the story of my own crucifixion
- I was also crucified on Christ’s cross my old self was slain there in my love affair with the world was crucified there too
- God is committed to my dying every day and he calls me to that same commitment
- I should expect every day to encounter circumstantial evidence of God’s commitment to my dying; and I must seize upon every God-given opportunity to be conformed more fully to Christ’s death, no matter the pain involved
- preaching His story to myself each day puts me in a frame of mind to trust God and in brace the cross of my own dying also

25. All Things Crucified, Part II
- thankfully, the Gospel teaches me that dying is not an end, but a beginning
- The facts surrounding Christ’s resurrection stand is proof that God won’t leave me for dead but raise me similarly if I would only allow myself to die
- on the other side of each layer of dying my experiences of life with God far richer, higher, and more intimate than anything I would have otherwise known
- in gods economy, death is the way of life. “Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it,”Jesus says, “but whoever loses his life for my sake, he shall find it.“
- The more conformable I am made to the death of Christ, the more experience freedom from sin and taste the power of the resurrection of Jesus himself
- The path to such power is paved with many dyings, and each stage of resurrection is achieved with each incident of dying to myself and reckoning myself dead to sin
- The death of that Christ died is the depth to which I am also called, and the death to which I am called is my entry point to union with Christ and life at its fullest

26. Hope of Heaven
- The more experience the riches of Christ and the gospel, the more there develops within me a yearning to be with Christ in heaven where I will experience his grace in unhindered fullness
- hope of eternity with Christ in heaven also enables my heart to thrive during the most difficult and lengthy of trails here on earth

27. Mortifying the Flesh with Fullness
- and the most basic of levels, I desire fullness, and fleshly lust seduce me by attaching themselves to this basic desire
- when my soul sits empty and is aching for something to fill it, such deceptive promises are extremely difficult to resist
- eliminate the emptiness within me and replace it with fullness; and I accomplish this by feasting on the gospel
- as a perpetually feast on Christ and all of his blessings found in the gospel, I find that my hunger for sin diminishes in the lies of lust simply lose their appeal
- to the degree that I am full, I am free
- nothing so modifies fleshly lust like satisfaction in Him

28. Thankfulness Enriched by Relief
- The more absorbed I am in the gospel, the more grateful I become in the midst of my circumstances, whatever they may be
- The gospel reminds me first that what I actually deserve from God is a full cup training with the torments of his wrath
- I see that to be handed a completely empty cup from God would because enough for infinite gratitude
- The tiniest drop of blessing contained in that otherwise empty cup, I should be blown away by the unbelievable kindness of God toward me
- 1. grateful for the wrath I am not receiving, 2. grateful for the blessings that are given to me instead of His wrath, this two layered gratitude disposes my heart to give thanks in all things

29. The Ultimate Prize
- The gospel is called “the gospel of God,” not simply because it is from God, nor merely because it is accomplished through God, but also because ultimately it leads me to God, who is himself its greatest prize
- The essence of eternal life is intimately knowing God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent
- The “gospel of God“ is from God, comes through God, and leads me to God; and it is in Him that my soul finds its truest joy and rest

30. My Manifesto
- If I want my life to bloom full and loom large for the glory of God, and I must have boldness – and nothing so nourishes boldness in me like the gospel!
- The gospel gives me boldness first by banishing my greatest fear, the fear of God‘s eternal wrath
- The more experience the life transforming power of the gospel, the more confident I am in speaking to others, both saved and lost
- with greater boldness in prayer comes an increased enjoyment of God and the bounty that he gives
- preaching the gospel to myself daily nourish is within me a holy brazenness to believe  what God says, enjoy what he offers, and do what he commands
- May God be glorified by this confidence that I place in him

31. To Him be the Glory
- The gospel generated in Paul an enormous passion for God’s glory; and the gospel does the same in me as I make it the meditation of my heart daily
- understanding that I’m not the ultimate end of the gospel, but rather that God‘s glory is, actually enables me to embrace my salvation more boldly then I would otherwise dare to do
- The more I embrace and experience the gospel, the more I delight in the worship of God, the more expressive my joy in him becomes, and the more I yearn to glorify him in all I say and do